25mm Steel Short Shackle Safety Padlock CPL25S
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25mm Steel Short Shackle Safety Padlock CPL25S

25mm Steel Shackle

Shackle Dia.: 6mm

Shackle length: 25mm
  • CPL25S

  • Prolockey



a) Reinforced nylon body, withstand temperature from -20℃ to +120℃ . The steel shackle is chrome plated; the non-conductive shackle is made from nylon, withstand temperature from -20℃ to +120℃, ensuring the strength and deformation fracture not easily.

b) Key Retaining Feature: When the shackle is open, the key can't be removed.

c) Laser printing and logo engraving available if required.

d) All different colors available.

Product Number:



Nylon Body,Steel Shackle


25mm Steel Short Shackle Safety Padlock

Body Width:


Body Height:


Shackle Length:

1in (25mm)

Shackle Width:

25/32in (20mm)

Shackle Diameter:




Key System



Subheading: Ensuring Optimal Security and Safety in Industrial Environments


In today's fast-paced industrial world, ensuring the safety and security of employees and assets is of paramount importance. One crucial aspect of maintaining a safe working environment is the use of high-quality padlocks. Among the various options available, the 25mm Steel Short Shackle Safety Padlock stands out as an exceptional choice. This article will delve into the features and benefits of this padlock, highlighting its effectiveness in enhancing security and safety in industrial settings.

Enhanced Security Features:

The 25mm Steel Short Shackle Safety Padlock is specifically designed to provide maximum security. Its sturdy steel construction ensures durability and resistance against tampering or forced entry. The short shackle design further enhances security by minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. With a shackle diameter of 25mm, this padlock offers a robust barrier against potential threats, making it an ideal choice for securing valuable equipment, machinery, and storage units.

Durability and Longevity:

Industrial environments can be harsh and demanding, subjecting equipment and tools to extreme conditions. The 25mm Steel Short Shackle Safety Padlock is built to withstand such challenges. Crafted from high-quality steel, this padlock is corrosion-resistant, ensuring its longevity even in the harshest of environments. Its solid construction guarantees reliable performance, making it a cost-effective investment for industrial facilities.

Keyed Alike and Master Key Systems:

Efficiency and convenience are essential in industrial settings. The 25mm Steel Short Shackle Safety Padlock offers the option of being keyed alike, allowing multiple padlocks to be opened with a single key. This feature streamlines access control, reducing the need for employees to carry multiple keys. Additionally, for larger facilities, a master key system can be implemented, providing authorized personnel with access to all areas while maintaining strict security protocols.

High Visibility and Safety Compliance:

The bright and vibrant colors available for the 25mm Steel Short Shackle Safety Padlock serve a dual purpose. Not only do they enhance visibility, making it easier to locate and identify locked areas, but they also contribute to safety compliance. By using color-coded padlocks, specific safety protocols can be implemented, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to potentially hazardous areas. This aids in preventing accidents and maintaining a safe working environment.

Versatility and Ease of Use:

The 25mm Steel Short Shackle Safety Padlock is designed for versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. From securing lockout/tagout devices to locking gates, cabinets, and machinery, this padlock offers a practical solution for various industrial needs. Its user-friendly design, featuring a smooth locking mechanism and a comfortable grip, ensures ease of use for employees across different departments.


When it comes to security and safety in industrial environments, the 25mm Steel Short Shackle Safety Padlock is an excellent choice. Its enhanced security features, durability, and versatility make it a reliable option for securing valuable assets and ensuring the well-being of employees. By investing in high-quality padlocks like this, industrial facilities can maintain optimal security protocols and foster a safe working environment.

Lockey Safety Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in producing all kinds of safety lockout products. Lockey has more than 80 employees and covers a total area of 5000 square meters.
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