Exclusive Design Transparent PC Locks Customized Valve Safety Lockout VSBL11 VSBL12
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Exclusive Design Transparent PC Locks Customized Valve Safety Lockout VSBL11 VSBL12

VSBL11 Hole Diameter: 31.9mm×31.9mm

VSBL12 Hole Diameter: 40mm×40mm

Color: Transparent.

Material: PC

  • VSBL11 VSBL12

  • Prolockey



a) Made of transparent PC, withstand temperature from -20℃ to +120℃.

b) Prevent the valve handles from being turned when locked out.

c) Buckle directly to lock.

d) VSBL11 can accommodate inner valve up to 65mm diameter and 29mm tall. VSBL12 can accommodate inner valve up to 89mm diameter and 49mm tall.

e) VSBL11 can accommodate outer valve up to 70mm diameter and33.6mm tall. VSBL12 can accommodate outer valve up to 91mm diameter and 53mm tall.

Product Number:






Customized Valve Lockout

Brand Name:


Service Temperature Range °F:


Lock Holes:




Total diameter:


Inner diameter:


Body Height:


Locking diameter:


Product Net Weight:



Subheading: Enhancing Safety Measures in Industrial Environments


In today's fast-paced industrial world, safety is of paramount importance. With the presence of heavy machinery and complex equipment, it is crucial to implement effective safety measures to protect workers and prevent accidents. One such safety measure gaining popularity is the use of customized valve lockout systems. These innovative devices provide an added layer of protection by ensuring that valves are securely locked and cannot be accidentally operated.

Understanding Valve Lockout:

Valve lockout is a safety procedure that involves locking a valve in its off position to prevent unauthorized or accidental operation. This procedure is essential during maintenance, repairs, or any situation where workers need to work on or near valves. By utilizing a customized valve lockout system, companies can tailor the lockout process to their specific needs, ensuring maximum safety and compliance with industry regulations.

The Benefits of Customization:

Customized valve lockout systems offer numerous advantages over generic lockout devices. By tailoring the lockout system to the specific valves in use, companies can ensure a precise fit, eliminating any potential gaps or weaknesses in the lockout process. This customization enhances the overall effectiveness of the safety measure, providing peace of mind to both employers and employees.

Additionally, customized valve lockout systems can be color-coded or labeled to match the company's existing safety protocols. This visual identification allows workers to quickly and easily identify the correct lockout device for a particular valve, minimizing confusion and saving valuable time during critical situations.

Ensuring Compliance:

Compliance with safety regulations is a top priority for any responsible organization. Customized valve lockout systems can be designed to meet specific regulatory requirements, ensuring that companies remain in full compliance with industry standards. By implementing these tailored lockout solutions, companies can demonstrate their commitment to safety and protect their employees from potential hazards.

Installation and Training:

To fully harness the benefits of customized valve lockout systems, proper installation and training are essential. Companies should work closely with reputable lockout device manufacturers to ensure the correct installation of the customized systems. Additionally, comprehensive training programs should be conducted to educate employees on the proper use and maintenance of the lockout devices. This training will empower workers to confidently implement the lockout procedure, further enhancing safety in the workplace.


In an era where workplace safety is paramount, customized valve lockout systems offer an effective solution to enhance safety measures in industrial environments. By tailoring lockout devices to specific valves, companies can ensure a precise fit, comply with safety regulations, and provide visual identification for easy implementation. With proper installation and training, customized valve lockout systems can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and protect the well-being of workers. Embracing these innovative safety measures demonstrates a commitment to employee welfare and fosters a culture of safety in the industrial sector.

Lockey Safety Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in producing all kinds of safety lockout products. Lockey has more than 80 employees and covers a total area of 5000 square meters.
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