Plastic Sealed Safety Loto Scaffold Tag Labels LT11
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Plastic Sealed Safety Loto Scaffold Tag Labels LT11

Size: 54mm×86mm

Apply to: Show the person in charge and his information
  • LT11

  • Prolockey



Made from PVC.

You can put any information you prefer to show on the tag, company name, personal photo, name, contact number or anything else necessary.

This lockout ID tag is a very direct way to show the person who is in charge and his information.

Product Number:





Customized ID Tag

Brand Name:




Total Length:


Body Height:


body Thickness:


Product Net Weight:



Subtitle: The Importance of Personalized Identification Tags for Pets


Pets are an integral part of our lives, providing us with companionship, love, and joy. As responsible pet owners, it is our duty to ensure their safety and well-being. One crucial aspect of pet care is ensuring they have proper identification in case they get lost or separated from us. This is where customized ID tags come into play. In this article, we will explore the importance of personalized identification tags for pets and how they can significantly increase the chances of a lost pet being reunited with its owner.

The Significance of Identification Tags:

Identification tags serve as a quick and effective way to identify a lost pet and contact its owner. These tags typically include the pet's name, owner's contact information, and sometimes additional details such as medical conditions or allergies. By having this information readily available, anyone who finds a lost pet can easily reach out to the owner, facilitating a swift reunion.

Increased Chances of Reunion:

When a pet goes missing, time is of the essence. The sooner the owner is notified, the higher the chances of a successful reunion. Customized ID tags play a crucial role in this process by providing a direct line of communication between the finder and the owner. Without proper identification, finding the owner becomes a much more challenging task, often resulting in prolonged separation and unnecessary stress for both the pet and its owner.

Personalization and Style:

One of the advantages of customized ID tags is the ability to personalize them according to the pet's unique characteristics and the owner's preferences. From various shapes, colors, and materials to engraved messages or even photos, there are countless options available to create a tag that reflects the pet's personality and the owner's style. This personal touch not only enhances the tag's aesthetic appeal but also makes it easier for others to remember and identify the pet.

Safety and Peace of Mind:

In addition to increasing the chances of a reunion, personalized ID tags also contribute to the overall safety and peace of mind for both pets and their owners. By wearing a visible identification tag, pets are more likely to be recognized as owned and cared for, reducing the risk of them being mistaken as strays or taken to shelters unnecessarily. Furthermore, knowing that their beloved pet is easily identifiable provides owners with a sense of security, knowing that they will be promptly contacted if their pet is found.

Choosing the Right ID Tag:

When selecting a customized ID tag for your pet, it is essential to consider durability, readability, and comfort. Opt for high-quality materials that can withstand everyday wear and tear, ensuring the tag remains intact and legible. Additionally, choose a font size and style that is easy to read, especially for those with visual impairments. Lastly, consider the comfort of your pet by selecting a lightweight tag that won't cause discomfort or irritation.


Customized ID tags are an invaluable investment for pet owners, providing a simple yet effective means of identification in case of a lost pet. By personalizing these tags, owners can enhance their pet's safety, increase the chances of a reunion, and showcase their unique style. Remember, a well-designed ID tag is not only a practical accessory but also a symbol of responsible pet ownership. So, don't wait any longer – ensure your furry friend has a customized ID tag today!

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