Germany A+A Exhibition
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Germany A+A Exhibition

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Germany's A+A Pavilion is a global hub for workplace safety and health. A+A, held every two years in the city of Dusseldorf, is the world's leading trade fair for safety, security and health at work. The exhibition venue is huge and hosts thousands of exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.

The A+A venue in Germany is known for its high quality, informative, hands-on presentations, workshops and expert lectures. Visitors to the exhibition site have the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and best practices in workplace safety and health. The show site also provides a unique networking opportunity for industry professionals to connect and exchange knowledge and experience.

The A+A site in Germany is the perfect platform for companies, organizations and industry professionals to showcase their latest products, technologies and services in the field of workplace safety and health. From personal protective equipment to occupational health and safety management, the exhibition site provides a comprehensive overview of the latest developments and trends in the industry.

A highlight of the A+A exhibition is the focus on innovation and sustainability in the field of occupational safety and health. As the industry continues to adopt new technologies and practices, the show serves as a platform for companies to showcase breakthrough solutions to enhance workplace safety, reduce occupational risks and promote employee well-being.

Lockey looks forward to meeting you at all the exhibitions.

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