Lockout Tagout 76mm Long Plastic Shackle Safety Padlock CPL76P
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Lockout Tagout 76mm Long Plastic Shackle Safety Padlock CPL76P

76mm Plastic Shackle
Color: Red
  • CPL76P

  • Prolockey



a) Reinforced nylon body, withstand temperature from -20℃ to +120℃ . The steel shackle is chrome plated; the non-conductive shackle is made from nylon, withstand temperature from -20℃ to +120℃, ensuring the strength and deformation fracture not easily.

b) Key Retaining Feature: When the shackle is open, the key can't be removed.

c) Laser printing and logo engraving available if required.

d) All different colors available.

Product Number:



Nylon Body,Nylon Shackle


76mm Nylon Short Shackle Safety Padlock

Body Width:


Body Height:


Shackle Length:

3in (76mm)

Shackle Width:

25/32in (20mm)

Shackle Diameter:

1/4in (6mm)



Key System



Plastic Shackle Safety Padlock: An Innovative Solution for Enhanced Safety


In today's fast-paced industrial world, safety remains a paramount concern. Industries and organizations are constantly seeking innovative solutions to ensure the well-being of their employees and the protection of their assets. One such solution that has gained significant popularity is the plastic shackle safety padlock. This article explores the features and benefits of this groundbreaking safety device, highlighting its role in enhancing workplace safety.

Understanding the Plastic Shackle Safety Padlock:

The plastic shackle safety padlock is a revolutionary alternative to traditional metal shackle padlocks. It is specifically designed to address the limitations and challenges associated with metal shackles. The plastic shackle is constructed using high-quality, non-conductive materials, such as nylon or polypropylene, making it an ideal choice for environments where electrical hazards are present.

Key Features and Benefits:

1. Non-Conductive Material: The plastic shackle ensures that the padlock does not conduct electricity, minimizing the risk of electrical accidents. This feature is particularly crucial in industries where workers are exposed to live electrical equipment or work in close proximity to electrical panels.

2. Lightweight and Durable: Plastic shackles are significantly lighter than their metal counterparts, reducing the strain on workers who carry multiple padlocks during their daily tasks. Despite their lightweight nature, these padlocks are highly durable and resistant to harsh environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.

3. Corrosion and Chemical Resistance: Unlike metal shackles that are susceptible to corrosion and chemical damage, plastic shackles are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and corrosive substances. This resistance ensures that the padlocks remain functional and reliable even in demanding industrial environments.

4. Enhanced Lockout/Tagout Compliance: The plastic shackle safety padlock is designed to comply with lockout/tagout (LOTO) regulations and standards. These regulations require the use of lockout devices to isolate energy sources during maintenance or repair work. The plastic shackle padlock provides a secure and visible means of implementing LOTO procedures, thereby preventing accidental startup of machinery or equipment.

5. Customizable Options: Plastic shackle safety padlocks offer a variety of customizable options, including color-coding and laser engraving. These features enable organizations to implement effective identification systems, enhancing safety protocols and streamlining maintenance procedures.


In conclusion, the plastic shackle safety padlock represents a significant advancement in workplace safety. Its non-conductive material, lightweight design, and resistance to corrosion and chemicals make it an ideal choice for industries where electrical hazards and harsh environments are prevalent. By incorporating these innovative padlocks into their safety protocols, organizations can effectively mitigate risks, protect their employees, and ensure compliance with lockout/tagout regulations. Embracing this modern safety solution is a proactive step towards creating a secure and accident-free work environment.

Lockey Safety Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in producing all kinds of safety lockout products. Lockey has more than 80 employees and covers a total area of 5000 square meters.
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