38mm Shackle Best Plastic Shackle Keyed alike Safety Padlock Lockout with Master Key WCP38P
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38mm Shackle Best Plastic Shackle Keyed alike Safety Padlock Lockout with Master Key WCP38P

38mm Plastic Shackle
Color: Red
  • WCP38P

  • Prolockey

Part No.: WCP38P

41mm Widened Type Safety padlock

a) Made of copper cylinder and key.More resistantant to corrosion and rust.Very stable,with more then 1 million times operating.

b) Reinforced nylon body, withstand temperature from -20℃ to +80℃. The steel shackle is chrome plated; the non-conductive shackle is made from nylon, withstand temperature from -20℃ to +120℃, ensuring the strength and deformation fracture not easily.

c) Key Retaining Feature: When the shackle is open, the key can’t be removed.

d) Laser printing and logo engraving available if required.

e) All different colors available.

Product Number:



Nylon Body,Nylon Shackle


41mm Widened Type Safety padlock

Body Width:


Shackle Length:


Shackle Width:

25/32in (20mm)

Shackle Diameter:




Key System



Subtitle: Ensuring Workplace Safety with Safety Padlock Lockout Systems


In today's fast-paced industrial environments, workplace safety is of paramount importance. Employers have a legal and moral obligation to protect their employees from potential hazards and accidents. One effective method to ensure workplace safety is by implementing safety padlock lockout systems. These systems provide an additional layer of protection by preventing unauthorized access to machinery and equipment during maintenance or repair work. In this article, we will explore the importance of safety padlock lockout systems and their role in safeguarding employees and businesses.

1. Understanding Safety Padlock Lockout Systems:

Safety padlock lockout systems are designed to effectively isolate energy sources, such as electrical, mechanical, or hydraulic, during maintenance or repair work. These systems involve the use of specially designed padlocks that can only be opened with a unique key or combination. By locking out the energy source, workers are protected from accidental start-ups or releases, reducing the risk of injuries or fatalities.

2. Key Components of Safety Padlock Lockout Systems:

a) Padlocks: Safety padlock lockout systems utilize padlocks that are specifically designed for lockout purposes. These padlocks are typically made from durable materials, such as reinforced steel or aluminum, to withstand harsh industrial environments. They are often brightly colored for easy identification and can be customized with unique markings or labels.

b) Lockout Hasps: Lockout hasps are used to secure multiple padlocks to a single energy isolation point. They provide a visual indication that the equipment is locked out and prevent unauthorized removal of the padlocks. Lockout hasps are available in various sizes and designs to accommodate different types of machinery and equipment.

c) Lockout Tags: Lockout tags are essential for effective communication during lockout procedures. These tags are attached to the locked-out equipment and provide crucial information, such as the name of the authorized person performing the lockout, the reason for the lockout, and the expected completion time. Lockout tags are often color-coded to indicate the status of the lockout process.

3. Benefits of Safety Padlock Lockout Systems:

a) Enhanced Safety: Safety padlock lockout systems provide a physical barrier between workers and hazardous energy sources, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries. By preventing unauthorized access, these systems ensure that maintenance or repair work can be carried out safely.

b) Compliance with Regulations: Many countries have strict regulations and standards in place to ensure workplace safety. Implementing safety padlock lockout systems helps businesses comply with these regulations, avoiding penalties and legal consequences.

c) Increased Efficiency: Safety padlock lockout systems streamline maintenance and repair procedures by clearly identifying locked-out equipment and preventing accidental re-energization. This leads to improved efficiency and reduced downtime.

d) Employee Empowerment: Safety padlock lockout systems empower employees by giving them control over their own safety. By actively participating in lockout procedures, employees become more aware of potential hazards and develop a safety-conscious mindset.


Safety padlock lockout systems are indispensable tools for ensuring workplace safety in industrial environments. By effectively isolating energy sources during maintenance or repair work, these systems protect employees from potential hazards and accidents. Implementing safety padlock lockout systems not only complies with regulations but also enhances efficiency and empowers employees. Investing in these systems is a proactive step towards creating a safer work environment and fostering a culture of safety within the organization.

Lockey Safety Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in producing all kinds of safety lockout products. Lockey has more than 80 employees and covers a total area of 5000 square meters.
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